Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just to let my followers know I will be back posting soon! I had a second surgery on my ankle and painting is a bit hard on pain killers! I find myself day dreaming instead. I am looking forward to posting pieces I will do this summer since I will be home for the summer. Thanks to those who visit my blog. I appreciate you. Andrea


  1. Andrea,
    Wishing you a fast recovery!!

  2. Hey Andrea,

    I hope your recovery is going well! Call me when you are up for some painting!

  3. Andrea, I wish you a happy recovery, I know it is hard, and as you can't paint, it is frustrating.
    I know that,for my part,the whole year 2008 , until october, has been illness and heavy treatment.I am quite fine now.
    So, courage, Andrea, and thank you for having joined my followers!