Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Supreme" Angels

Ok, wondering about the name. Here is the story. I painted this in a class with Leslie Lockhart who is known for her angels. I was so excited about the class. I really had a hard time with this because painting people is not my specialty. I left the workshop thinking all the way home what exactly could I do to improve this aside from painting it again. I got home and showed my husband who immediately said "I'm impressed, you painted the "Supremes"! OK, well that got us laughing so hard. I guess another will be painted with lighter fleshtones. Leslie, thanks for a fun workshop and I cannot blaim this on the lighting.


I was asked to paint this for a birthday. The only colors I was to include were purple, white lavender and black. I just could not see black in it so I chose a dark purple/eggplant color.

Tuscan Sunflowers

My dream place to visit is Tuscany. I will one day see the famous sunflowers and hopefully paint them. This landscape was painted in hopes of seeing it in person. The flowers fade into the distance and the vinyard fades into the sunset. My husband grabed this painting and it hangs in his office. Lucky him to be able to dream of Tuscany at work.

Mary with Child

Acrylic on Canvas
I painted this for my sister's for their birthday's this year. The original is from a picture my mom had hanging in her house. After she passed away and we went through her prized possessions, my sisters asked if I would paint each one a picture resembling it. After painting three, I liked each differently. They loved them and more will come.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Streets of San Fransisco

Acrylic on Canvas
I painted this for Karin Jurick's
Different Strokes from Different Folks challenge and boy was it ever a challenge. The original picture was very busy and hard to find a focal point.
I have been to San Fransisco and it is exactly like this in some places. I enjoyed being stretched a bit.
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