Thursday, June 25, 2009

3rd update from the Crip "Knock Out Cast"

Ok don't think I am nuts. I got this cast on Monday -choices were green(already had), pink (been there done that), BLACK-(HOT ), RED (ON FIRE), blue (BLAH), purple-NOT, orange (for Auburn and Tenn. fans only). So this was my last resort. In my last update from the crip, I told you about the world being handicapped-well NO ONE noticed me with my green or pink cast. I opened doors with the help of skinny legs, pulled my way throughout Wal Mart on a cart which lost its battery (kind of the good foot motoring the "vehicle" and pulling myself pulling on the shelves)WELL let me tell you, highlighter yellow is the way to be noticed. I had lunch with a friend today, went to the front of the line, left there and some guy said "can you turn it down a bit" --no one made comments before, I went back to Wal Mart today with my friend and a lady standing outside taking in a leisurely cig, probably on a break from shopping asked if she could help me. Stopped me in my tracks! Had to thank her for noticing. Does it not want you to get out a marker and go to town? I had to share this and I am seriously thinking of writing that book I mentioned before.

1 comment:

  1. You should do a painting on your cast! Then you would really get attention for your great art work. Good advertising as well:)