Thursday, September 23, 2010


I have posted this before. I plan to use this for a group this weekend. Love the sunset and suttle colors.

Cross My Heart

This was commissioned by a family member as a gift. We had to give it a name. I won't mention who it is for in case the receiver of this gift looks on my blog. I do hope she enjoys it.

Elegant Modern Wine Glass

This is the next Wine Down and Paint example I hope you will enjoy painting. If this interests you, please email me and let me get you on my list. I'm excited to be back at the Hampton House sharing what I enjoy. Remember you can bring  friend for $5.00 extra. My email is hurry some spots are still available.

Wine Down and Paint night

Starry Night
I had an amazing night with some ladies and a gentleman last week. Everyone was excited about painting from a masters work. I was truely impressed to see how all turned out. Thankyou to everyone for making the night so enjoyable.

Bama Angels

I painted this for my sister for a gift. There is a faint hint of houndstooth in the background

Friday, September 17, 2010

Change on the June Calendar

After talking with the folks last night, some want to paint their favorite mascot. I certainly don't blame them!!! Roll Tide!!! SO--- All are welcome to come in June and paint with us. I would LOVE to have you!! Those going to college, let me know your dorm colors or sorority colors and we will go to town. I am excited about this class and you will too. All ages welcome (13and up)!!!
Hope to see you there.

To see examples, look at a few posts before this one and see what WE did!!!! The private party of girls going to Bama and Auburn had a great picture to decorate their dorm rooms AND from what I heard everyone was a bit jealous of their masterpieces!

Starry Night Wine down and paint

Last night was amazing! We had a group of very talented painters who really didn't believe that they could "do it" and some who had not painted since middle school. Well, from what I saw, all had that hidden creative touch. ALL the masterpieces were gorgeous and as far as I could tell, everyone went home happy. Bravo to all!!
Thank you for being there for the first night of many "wine down and paint" nights. It was great to see those who have come back (I didn't run off :) and those who have trusted me to show them how to unleash their talents. I am looking forward to the next wine and paint in October. See you there.