Thursday, April 30, 2009


Acrylic on canvas
I painted this with a palette knife and a few strokes of a small brush. It was my second attempt at using the knife. I love the texture it creates and the vibrant colors are exciting to look at.
I found a picture of the fruit in a magazine and it caught my eye.


Acrylic on canvas
I painted this last night with some friends at a wine and paint. Several friends and I shared laughs and good times. Plans are in the making for more of these fun times.
I honestly was not crazy about the subject matter but it turned out to be a lot of fun to paint.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Acrylic on canvas
I LOVE how this painting turned out. I really was not in the mood to paint but I thought about trying a new paint technique. This is painted totally by a palette knife. I had tried using one during my Creative Spirit class but was a bit intimidated by it. So, my first thought was if it does not turn out it can be painted over. I had so much fun painting it and cannot wait to find my next subject.
If you love this as much as I do and would like to purchase it please let me know. It is for sale for $25.00. Contact me soon!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bryant Denny Chimes

Acrylic 10x20
We went to Tuscaloosa a few weekends ago for the A-day game and we were walking by the quad and I saw Denny Chimes through the trees. For those of you that may be unfamiliar with the landmark it was built across the street from the Presidents mansion on campus. At the foot of this tower, star football players have left a foot print and hand print for fans to see. I have walked by many times before and never noticed how beautiful itactually is. Funny thing is when we walked by the chimes were playing the hymn The Deep Love of Jesus. Well, what a better way to reach out to the students. Of course it would help to know the words. I couldn't get the words out of my head.
If you'd like to purchase this please contact me at I think it would make a great father's day gift for that avid BAMA fan on your list.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Acrylic on canvas 24x30
This was a piece a friend asked me to paint for her daughter's room. It only had three colors which was a challenge to me because I was only using a few colors. I love the way it turned out.


Acrylic on canvas 24x30.
This a commissioned piece also and I was given a pillow for colors. I had a hard time for some reason with this. I think I actually painted parts twice until I was satisfied with its composition. I added the gold color because the reds and green began looking overpowering. I actually love how it turned out after I sat back and looked at it when it was finished.
If you would like for me to paint crosses for you and have a color sample feel free to contact me via email I would love to work with you.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Window

I painted this today and enjoyed the way the colors unfolded. I think windows like this and entrance ways are so inviting to paint. There is a little mystery in what is behind them. This a smaller painting and done in acrylic.

Second Cross Attempt

After posting my last cross picture, I was asked to paint another with a change in the colors. I really have enjoyed painting these. The colors are exciting and vibrant. This is also done in acrylic and is 10x20. I would love to do more. If you'd be interrested please email me at

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sweet "16"

This was painted for a girl turning sweet "16". Her mom gave me many ideas of what her daughter was "into" and I made a collage of all that would fit. Hopefully she will find a place in her dorm room one day to enjoy it even more.

"Humming" in the garden

"Humming" in the garden is one of my favorite windows I was asked to paint. The person receiving it loves humming birds so I was asked to paint something with the birds. It is hard to see them but they are feeding on the flowers.


There are no inside windows in the offices at work and decided to give my co-workers a window with their favorite things painted on them. This is cropped a bit due to a glare on the glass.


This was another baptism gift for a client and she gave me the comforter of the room it was going to hang in. I was able to customize it for her to go into the nursery. It made a great gift for her. The bird was carrying a cross also.

Jungle Fever

I was commissioned to paint this window for a friend for a Baptism gift for her nephew. I customised it by putting his name at the bottom. She asked for safari theme. The monkey has a cross he is holding in his hand. This was fun and exciting to paint. I embellish the windows with beads to match wrapped around the hanger.
It was just what she wanted.

Monday, April 6, 2009

SMILE you did it

I am so excited about my blog finally taking shape! I finally figured out how to put a picture of ME. My computer talents are lacking but thanks to my special husband taking time to teach little ole me how to do it those of you that don't know me can put a face with a name. I am so excited to share my work. If anyone would like to commission me to do a painting for you or for someone else contact me at

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Golf is life

I painted this window for a friend for her birthday. I put a quote from Tiger Woods around the frame. The neat thing about the windows is I can personalize them for the person commissioning the painting.


This is an example of one of many windows I mentioned. I love to paint these windows and especially love to recycle them. Friends will watch the side of the road and call me to pick the windows up. Most have come from our church mission at Lincoln Village and I clean them up but the distressed look adds so much character to them. Embellish the top with wire and beads.

Angels Among Us

I painted this at a wine and paint and just love it. I believe angels are among us, watching and protecting us.
Acrylic on canvas

Rainy Night in Times Square

After my first trip to New York, I wanted to paint Times Square because of the tons of colors and lights. Even at night, the lights create a feel that is daytime.
Acrylic on Canvas

Bottle and glass

I painted this at a Bottle and Brush. Really unleased a relaxed feel to the painting. I love the rich colors.
Acrylic on Canvas


"Moo" was painted at a wine and paint with Carole Foret. I have never painted cows before which made this alot of fun. I love the mix of colors that are not true to the coloring of a real cow.
Acrylic on Canvas


I love this because it reminds me of spring and the newness of everything waking up from a long winter. I painted this at a Highlife retreat with Karen Smith as our instructor.
Acrylic on Canvas

Watermelon and Tulips

Watermelon and Tulips is my first attempt at still life. I enjoyed painting this combination.
Acrylic on Canvas

Veggies Galore

Veggies Galore was my first attempt to paint on artist board. I really enjoyed the feel to it and the final piece. The nice thing about the board is it is light weight and has a groove on the back to hang it. You could also put it on an easel.
This painting is on Artist Board.
Acrylic 10x10

Its a Wonderful World

I painted this at Carole Foret's Creative Spirit class. We painted the song Its a Wonderful World. I put alot of colors on the canvas first and the painting started looking like a sunset. I LOVE the beach so this ws so inspiring to me.
Acrylic on Canvas

Abstract Crosses

This was painted at a wine and paint with Carole Foret. I loved this class. I wanted to paint the crosses because I collect them. I have lots of color in my house so these fit right in. My next attempt will be a little more neutral.
Acrylic on canvas

High Five

"High Five" is my second attempt at Big Al. My kids loved the first one so I felt encouraged to try again. It is a challenge to me to paint the crowd because you cannot see the faces.
Acrylic on canvas.
size 11x14