Monday, June 29, 2009

I didn't feel like painting today so I checked out some new blogs. My favorite was Miro Sinovcic. He immigrated to the United States from Croatia 24 years ago, landed in NYC and decided to call it home. His primary subject matter is just that NYC. Check out is style. I love it. I just returned from a trip to NYC in May and boy how lucky he is to have a new subject around each corner. It is an amazing place to visit, you cannot take everything in in a week --GREAT excuse to go back.

Friday, June 26, 2009

After Claude Monet-Artists Garden at Grerny

Painted in 1900
Acrylic on Canvas
I adore Claude Monet's work. I love his style and use of colors. I printed this off the internet a few weeks ago to paint for the Following the Masters challenge. I chose to do a Picasso instead. I pulled it out today to paint. I tried to paint it in under an hour and managed to come close. If you would like to purchase any paintings contact me at

Summer's Best

Acrylic on Artist Panel
I was sitting in the kitchen this morning looking out at my cone flowers and daisies taking over in my garden and thought that just painting a simple garden would be fun. Not being able to get out and really paint this was my only alternative.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

3rd update from the Crip "Knock Out Cast"

Ok don't think I am nuts. I got this cast on Monday -choices were green(already had), pink (been there done that), BLACK-(HOT ), RED (ON FIRE), blue (BLAH), purple-NOT, orange (for Auburn and Tenn. fans only). So this was my last resort. In my last update from the crip, I told you about the world being handicapped-well NO ONE noticed me with my green or pink cast. I opened doors with the help of skinny legs, pulled my way throughout Wal Mart on a cart which lost its battery (kind of the good foot motoring the "vehicle" and pulling myself pulling on the shelves)WELL let me tell you, highlighter yellow is the way to be noticed. I had lunch with a friend today, went to the front of the line, left there and some guy said "can you turn it down a bit" --no one made comments before, I went back to Wal Mart today with my friend and a lady standing outside taking in a leisurely cig, probably on a break from shopping asked if she could help me. Stopped me in my tracks! Had to thank her for noticing. Does it not want you to get out a marker and go to town? I had to share this and I am seriously thinking of writing that book I mentioned before.


I painted this for Karin Jurick's Different Strokes From Different Folks. It was challenging to me because I have not mastered painting people yet. I changed the colors from the original because it was hazy and felt it needed color.

Summer Abundance

Acrylic on Canvas
5x7 Artist Panel
I found a picture with these gorgeous flowers and loved the bright colors. Red is so exciting to me and the vase was a watering can. The picture was taken in a garden with zinnias in the background. I cannot wait to get outside to paint!

Ahh Summer Vegetables

Acrylic on 12x12 Artist Panel
I painted this for Karin Jurick's Different Strokes from Different Folkes and at the deadline to submit we had computer issues so it did not make it in. Vegetables bring out the best of the summer.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

#2 update from the CRIP

Hi to all who visit my blog,
I wanted to update you on my progress. I went yesterday and had my second visit post surgery and got those nasty stitches out! I now have a highlighter yellow cast. Had to find fun in this miserable venture. I did find out that I have TWO weeks left hauling around fluorescent casts and using my "skinny legs" (the name I have given to my crutches) SO I think my doc was surprised and could not believe I questioned the 2 weeks left in a cast. Last YEAR it was 6. I will have the boot for 10 days-here again-SHOCK to my ears. I pray this will be the end of all this nonsense! I so desire to get outside to paint while things are still pretty. It has just been hard with skinny legs and knock-out casts. I have become a future advocate for the handicapped, may write a book on how to be handicapped in a world that IS handicapped and if anyone wants suggestions how to carry things with skinny legs, deal with daily chores and the best places to visit while handicapped you can call me!! Special thanks to those who have been making encouraging comments on my blog and noticing the paintings or a lack there of. I will revamp my desire and get back on track.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hi everyone,
In all my spare time this summer, I have found in my daily routine is to check out many blogsites. This morning I was looking at one of my newer additions Paint Dance blog and saw a new painter mentioned on the site that I thought would be fun to follow. I added the site to my blog for quick reference. It is Don Sahli's paint studio. I think what I like about his work is that he is not intimidated about using lots of color. I absolutely love color-the more color the better. Check out his site- I have no doubt you will love his work.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Peaceful Night by Maxfield Parrish

Acrylic on Water color paper
I was not sure of painting on paper but felt like trying. I found the paper absorbed the paint quickly.

This is a challenge I did from Following the Masters. This challenge was to pick any of Maxfield Parrish's paintings and paint our version. You are given the liberty to paint what you see or change it and paint it your way. I thought the church was really pretty and the simple colors very comforting. Peaceful Night was painted by Parrish in the 1950's.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Betsy's Cross

We were invited to a friend's 50th birthday last weekend and I thought I would be nice and not give a "gag" gift. Also, being stranded with my cast, this was something a little special for her. There is something about painting the crosses. I love how they come together and the mix of colors make me happy. Each is unique in every way--like us :)


Mediterreanean Landscape taken from a Pablo Picasso painting. I have been watching this new site where you "Paint the Masters" and you have to choose the subject and then find a picture to do from a master painter. I really love Picasso. His use of colors and simplicity really draw my attention. I thought this would be easy but found out differently. I do like the primary colors with the green added. I painted this on artist board in acrylics.
As with all paintings posted, if you would like to purchase anything contact me at

Friday, June 12, 2009


This was a landscape I saw and thought I would attempt it. I love the colors especially the plum color with the greens. I had a hard time cropping it.

Rooster Frenzy

Ok! I have no idea why roosters are so popular. While blog searching in all my free time I have seen more roosters and the funny thing is I never paid them any attention. NOW I am curious about their barnyard frenzy. Ruling the roost! I notice them everywhere and in all colors. I was looking at the first rooster I painted and thought I would try again. This is also painted with a palette knife. I had a blast with mixing the colors.

Wickles Pickles-Abstract

Ok have you ever tried Wickles? Wicked Pickles? They are a must have in the pantry. I was introduced to them from a friend and found them at the store. I know you can purchase them in Tuscalooa, Ala. They are sweet/hot. I was in a funky mood and felt like eating pickles and painting that is where this idea came from.


I actually should have titled this "I wish I could have been there" because a friend invited me to go paint in the country on Sat. May 30 but my surgery was the day before. This barn is a picture I borrowed from Carole Foret's site to paint. I guess I will get outside and paint sooner or later. Kind of hard to carry all you need when you are on "evil" crutches.

Best Friends

I wanted to attempt a simple beach scene. I love the beach and watching everyone enjoy its beauty. Children on the beach are amazing to watch. I love their unending curiosity about everything they encounter. I am not sure this is how I wanted this to be so you may see it again touched up.

Abstract Cone Flowers

Acrylic on canvas. 10x20
I have been watching my garden come alive and wanted to paint something as colorful as it is. I first painted the multicolored background and thought the flowers would look bold on it. I really liked the way each color stands out.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Update from the "Crip"

I am doing better. I have a hot pink cast and laying low. Went out yesterday and about wore myself out. Today staying here to recoup. Painted some and will post soon! I loaned my camera chip to a friend to pring off NYC pics and will get it soon.I am excited to have added a few new blogs to follow. In all my free time, I have found others offering challenges to paint. I am also looking to try out water color. Never have used this medium but thought I'm not going anywhere so why not. Thanks to those who visit my blog and comment! Hope you are all having a happy summer!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just to let my followers know I will be back posting soon! I had a second surgery on my ankle and painting is a bit hard on pain killers! I find myself day dreaming instead. I am looking forward to posting pieces I will do this summer since I will be home for the summer. Thanks to those who visit my blog. I appreciate you. Andrea