Saturday, March 13, 2010

The final project-complete. I felt I needed more work but Sara Beth said your done! Knowing when to stop is another thing I need to work on!!!

Sketch out your picture and block in the main colors. Work the same colors according to their values. The main thing is
"don't think" do this quick. Once you fill in the spaces you will be able to come in and detail the subjects.

Do a value painting so that when you start to paint you have this reference to see if your values of paint colors match.

Last weekend I had the priviledge of taking Sara Beth Fair's workshop at Burrett Museum. She is amazing and full of so many ideas. She is so talented and a wealth of information. I see art and painting in a whole new way.

We had two days full of intense teaching. We learned everything from "seeing" to cleaning up! What we need to make our work space perfect for us. We left overloaded with so many positive ideas I don't remember driving home! (felt like it)

I want to say if you ever have the opportunity to attend her classes do it you will not regret it!

We all try to imitate other painters or try to paint like them but we have to have our own individuality! Create your own style!

Here is a series of what we learned.

Above is the first stage a thumbnail sketch showing values of the "subject". Whether you are painting a still life or plein air do sketches first from different angles to see if there is harmony. Find a focal point!