Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Charcoal studies

Still Life Value Study
We have been working on these for around 5 weeks
It is amazing how you view the pictures when you take
the time to sketch. I have never been taught this. 
Our next class was to learn measurement. Very confusing
but a necessity. When your placement on the canvas is right
and the values ALL is well. .
This is my value sketch of a man from an ART magazine. Our lesson consisted of finding a picture and doing a value sketch. Amazingly, I was able to draw the values and not think of him as a picture of a man. Below is the actual picture I used in the practice.
The next two are also value studies I did to learn.)

2-Value Studies

These are 2-value studies from my new found frind, my sketchbook. I have NEVER been able to draw a human being or any part of one. I had to break out of my comfort zone here. I viewed the subject as a black and white picutre. It is amazing what you see!

This is my second attempt. This is an interresting individual to me. When I first saw him I thought ok I am going to do a value study of him. This is also a 2-value study.

New Territory

I have had the opportunity to take a ten week class with a local artist Sara Beth Fair. It has been a very challenging and rewarding class. Sara Beth, to say the least, is incredibly knowledgeable about art, the masters who greatly influence her, God and knowing how to incorporate all her wisdom into a class which has changed my way of thinking. My way of viewing a piece of artwork has changed from this endeavour. I am on a new journey into finding my style (whatever that is) and it has become an adventure to me. I have been incorporating new knowledge obtained from her into my whole thought process. Yes brainwashed! I have been challenged to think differently and view the  creation surrounding us with a whole new outlook.
We have been practicing value studies for 5 weeks and yes I think I got "IT". Our next class was to take a master's painting and "measure" it with our paintbrush. After several tries at this, I believe I have figured it out. One classmate equated it to calculus--that did it for me. I have a math mental block so the comment gave me a block too. Too funny to think that math had anything to do with ART! See, a new lesson learned.
I am grateful to Sara Beth in giving me this process, as challenging as it is, will help me with my creativeness and hopefully a since of self esteem to know I CAN DO IT! I have always been able to create from given talents of our creator but now with a more sophisticated background.

The next few posts will be from my sketch book. Value studies from paintings that others have done.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I have posted this before. I plan to use this for a group this weekend. Love the sunset and suttle colors.

Cross My Heart

This was commissioned by a family member as a gift. We had to give it a name. I won't mention who it is for in case the receiver of this gift looks on my blog. I do hope she enjoys it.

Elegant Modern Wine Glass

This is the next Wine Down and Paint example I hope you will enjoy painting. If this interests you, please email me and let me get you on my list. I'm excited to be back at the Hampton House sharing what I enjoy. Remember you can bring  friend for $5.00 extra. My email is hurry some spots are still available.

Wine Down and Paint night

Starry Night
I had an amazing night with some ladies and a gentleman last week. Everyone was excited about painting from a masters work. I was truely impressed to see how all turned out. Thankyou to everyone for making the night so enjoyable.

Bama Angels

I painted this for my sister for a gift. There is a faint hint of houndstooth in the background

Friday, September 17, 2010

Change on the June Calendar

After talking with the folks last night, some want to paint their favorite mascot. I certainly don't blame them!!! Roll Tide!!! SO--- All are welcome to come in June and paint with us. I would LOVE to have you!! Those going to college, let me know your dorm colors or sorority colors and we will go to town. I am excited about this class and you will too. All ages welcome (13and up)!!!
Hope to see you there.

To see examples, look at a few posts before this one and see what WE did!!!! The private party of girls going to Bama and Auburn had a great picture to decorate their dorm rooms AND from what I heard everyone was a bit jealous of their masterpieces!

Starry Night Wine down and paint

Last night was amazing! We had a group of very talented painters who really didn't believe that they could "do it" and some who had not painted since middle school. Well, from what I saw, all had that hidden creative touch. ALL the masterpieces were gorgeous and as far as I could tell, everyone went home happy. Bravo to all!!
Thank you for being there for the first night of many "wine down and paint" nights. It was great to see those who have come back (I didn't run off :) and those who have trusted me to show them how to unleash their talents. I am looking forward to the next wine and paint in October. See you there.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Wine" down and Paint

Starting this fall, I will be teaching more "Wine" down and Paint nights At the Hampton House
I will supply everything, you bring wine, or your beverage of choice and a snack if you feel up to it.
5:30-6:00 "Wine" down time and we will paint at 6:00 Please be on time.

If you bring a guest add $5.00 to the cost. (A guest may not be a Hampton Cove Homeowner who is not a Hampton House member)

Time: “Wine-down” 5:30-6:00
Paint Promptly at 6:00.
*depending on the subject matter we should end the class around 9:00. Please try to be on time.

September 16th : Van Gogh’s Starry Night

October 21 : Geometric Wine Glass (simple but fun/elegant)

November 18: Paint your Pet : Take a good picture of your pet and bring it in as a reference **SORRY,NO PETS ALLOWED

December 16 : Paint your house: Bring a frontal view of your house as a reference. (We will paint it “Crooked style”)

January 20 : Modern Martini

February 17: Date Night: Bring your significant other and we will paint a Picasso style portrait.

March 17 : Koi Pond

April 21: Van Gogh Still life –Flowers

***No May Class ***

June 9 Geared to college students: We will paint Big Al or Aubie to match your dorm accessories!! If there is someone who will attend another college other than Alabama or Auburn, I will need at least a week notice to work on the mascot!! If you are an upper classman and want to do your “GREEK” affiliation we can do that.

To contact me to see if there is availability email me at

**Private parties are available with advanced notice.** If you want to use the Hampton House Facility, contact the office and book the room through them.
paint nights.

Crosses are becoming my signature subject. I love the fanciful fun in painting them--non-stressful too. I was asked to do this for a co-worker whom I had already painted a cross for. The first cross hangs in her room at home. Her daughter missed it so much that I painted this for her apartment in college. season! The Alabama and Auburn rivalry, tailgating, rammer jammer, Roll Tide must I say more. I had the privilege recently to have a private paint party for girls who were heading off to their perspective colleges. We tried to paint something
to decorate their dorm rooms AND include the schools mascots. We had a blast and the end pictures definitely a hit in the dorm rooms.

Koi Pond

This is an acrylic painting for a challenge I did this summer. I had taken time off so the challenge here was getting back into the swing of painting. I have set up a "studio" at my house so that has been fun!

I have loved sharing my talent with others. I had a private 21st birthday party for these adorable girls. We painted martini glasses at a Mexican restaurant. They did an awesome job and the "entertainment" from the locals at the bar kept us laughing.

St. George Lighthouse

We have really found St. George and Appalachia to be our new favorite beach destination. The quaint town is so inviting, and the locals welcome you like a neighbor. The unspoiled beach is so gorgeous and the family atmosphere draws us back.
The St. George lighthouse is on the barrier island and near where we stayed. I attempted to do a water color post card. Yup another challenge for me but fun. I still need to figure out how to work fast and keep the water right. Maybe I will stick with acrylic or oils.

St. George Island

The beach is my favorite place on earth. I love how my senses are overwhelmed each day-from sun up to sun down. My birthday trip in July was amazing. I enjoyed a martini on the beach at sunset--Just what I wanted.

This is a water color (first attempt) I tried to paint at St. George Island. I took a watercolor class over the summer and found it to be very challenging. So different from what I am used to! I was excited that I was able to finish it before the water dried!

Friday, April 16, 2010

For those of you following my blog and wondering where I have been, well I have been helping to paint the set at Huntsville High School for the play Cinderella. It is now complete and opens this weekend. I have not seen it yet, but highly encourage you to go! I had the opportunity to paint with 3 other highly talented women. It was a unique experience in that I had to learn how to paint on such a LARGE scale. Where my tendency is to pay attention to details, those details disappear from the perspective that big is better so the person in the back row can see it. A whole new thought process! I had a blast and may consider volunteering next year. So if you want tickets go to the Huntsville High Theater department and order them. YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS IT!
Be looking for pictures of the set-hopefully I can sneak a few on my blog.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The final project-complete. I felt I needed more work but Sara Beth said your done! Knowing when to stop is another thing I need to work on!!!

Sketch out your picture and block in the main colors. Work the same colors according to their values. The main thing is
"don't think" do this quick. Once you fill in the spaces you will be able to come in and detail the subjects.

Do a value painting so that when you start to paint you have this reference to see if your values of paint colors match.

Last weekend I had the priviledge of taking Sara Beth Fair's workshop at Burrett Museum. She is amazing and full of so many ideas. She is so talented and a wealth of information. I see art and painting in a whole new way.

We had two days full of intense teaching. We learned everything from "seeing" to cleaning up! What we need to make our work space perfect for us. We left overloaded with so many positive ideas I don't remember driving home! (felt like it)

I want to say if you ever have the opportunity to attend her classes do it you will not regret it!

We all try to imitate other painters or try to paint like them but we have to have our own individuality! Create your own style!

Here is a series of what we learned.

Above is the first stage a thumbnail sketch showing values of the "subject". Whether you are painting a still life or plein air do sketches first from different angles to see if there is harmony. Find a focal point!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lillian's Cross

I was in the mood to paint another cross. A dear sweet lady I work with celebrated her 61st birthday today and in my absentmindedness forgot when it was. So, I painted this for her as a gift. It is actually on a 3x3 mini canvas and I painted the easel it will stand on in a wash of the mustard yellow. I love how it turned out with alot of texture. This picture really does not do it justice. I hope she likes it!

Studio Atelier Challenge

I was fortunate to learn about this new blog with monthly challenges. Its always fun to see h0w they turn out as well as see how others do. This is a snowy road with shadows. I found it hard to keep the perspective and make the shadows.

Monday, January 25, 2010


To all who follow my blog, those who supported me in my paint classes, I am letting you know that I will no longer be offering Wine, Dine and paint nights. I have seen a great decline of interest in my classes and feel maybe I should take the time and focus on my painting. I will be happy to do private parties with a minimum of 5-6 artists. You can contact me at if this is something you are interested in. Thank you to all who attended the classes. I hope and pray I inspired you in some way to paint and brought out your creative side. I will miss it but maybe some time off will give all of us a chance to energise ourselves.