Monday, January 25, 2010


To all who follow my blog, those who supported me in my paint classes, I am letting you know that I will no longer be offering Wine, Dine and paint nights. I have seen a great decline of interest in my classes and feel maybe I should take the time and focus on my painting. I will be happy to do private parties with a minimum of 5-6 artists. You can contact me at if this is something you are interested in. Thank you to all who attended the classes. I hope and pray I inspired you in some way to paint and brought out your creative side. I will miss it but maybe some time off will give all of us a chance to energise ourselves.

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  1. I took your rooster class last fall because my dad LOVES roosters - for some reason - and he's impossible to shop for. The painting made an awesome Christmas present. He actually had it professionally framed - which cracked me up - and hung it up in the kitchen. Thank you so much for helping me paint something! I couldn't have done it without your guidance. (Plus, it was a lot of fun!)