Tuesday, June 23, 2009

#2 update from the CRIP

Hi to all who visit my blog,
I wanted to update you on my progress. I went yesterday and had my second visit post surgery and got those nasty stitches out! I now have a highlighter yellow cast. Had to find fun in this miserable venture. I did find out that I have TWO weeks left hauling around fluorescent casts and using my "skinny legs" (the name I have given to my crutches) SO I think my doc was surprised and could not believe I questioned the 2 weeks left in a cast. Last YEAR it was 6. I will have the boot for 10 days-here again-SHOCK to my ears. I pray this will be the end of all this nonsense! I so desire to get outside to paint while things are still pretty. It has just been hard with skinny legs and knock-out casts. I have become a future advocate for the handicapped, may write a book on how to be handicapped in a world that IS handicapped and if anyone wants suggestions how to carry things with skinny legs, deal with daily chores and the best places to visit while handicapped you can call me!! Special thanks to those who have been making encouraging comments on my blog and noticing the paintings or a lack there of. I will revamp my desire and get back on track.

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