Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Wine and Paint News: I am making a few changes in the calendar. I hope these changes will appeal to most of you. Instead of painting  a Picasso portrait in February we will do Dyptch Art. Using 2 seperate panels, couples will paint one picture. The sample, although busy, was very easy to do. I thought since the wine bottle picture was being requested as a "come back" wine and paint we could do that. If you have a picture idea for your personal home you'd like to do bring 2 copies for you and your "date". Please keep it simple. See the sample below for my sample.
The modern martini can be any colors you choose and if you'd rather do wine glasses that is fine. This is an easy class so bring a friend.

**Note that the classes are downstairs in the old weight room/Cazadores by the pool eating area.

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