Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Madison Ave. New York City

This is my first entry to Karin Jurick's Different Strokes for Different Strokes. It is a 6x8 acrylic on canvas. Karin offers a paint challenge every few weeks for you to paint. I decided to try it out. If you have never been to New York City, you need to go. It has endless streets of tall buildings and taxi cabs galore. I went for my first time in November with my dear sister and her husband. It is an amazing city to visit during the holidays. Larger than life decorations offer supurb photo shots. Times Square at night is quite an attraction you won't want to miss. If you took your watch off and had no idea of the time, you'd think it was the middle of the day due to the thousands of lights filling the night sky,a true shock to the senses. Now I know why it is the city that does not sleep.


  1. great city scape for DSFDF . I got mine done under the wire. I love your cross paintings.

  2. It's a very good painting, I love it!